Thursday, 2 November 2006

Studying 24/7, well maybe 23/7 :D

My life these days revolve around a bright rectangular screen with a nice silver frame, containing figures and lettering...

My SAT: Reasoning Test 1 is coming up in 2 days time, and I'm so freaked out. My sleeping thoughts and waking thoughts are centred around the little desk with the white sheets, pencils, eraser and calculator on Saturday morning. It's scaring me. The prospect of the test does not frighten me. Rather, the thought that the day will decide the destination of the next few years scare me. What if I don't do well enough, or what if I let people down in their expectation of me? I hate to do that.

I find consolation in prayer. God is in control of my life, because I've released it to him. My life is no longer my own, but it is His, bought with the Blood of His Son Jesus Christ. He knows what is best for me, and I just have to accept that whatever happens, He is in control. Since He wants the best for my life, I can be assured that whatever happens (i.e. whatever score I get) will be the means of Him guiding my life. Maybe He doesn't want me studying the particular courses I selected, then He will alter or direct my answering to just the score I need to be able to get into the place where He wants me, and to not be able to get into the place where He doesn't wnat me in. It is a comforting thought, and I thought perhaps I'll share it with whomever cares to read it.

The exam period is coming up, and for most people, it is a time of busy study, preparation, and trial testing. But don't stress yourself too much. :) Just have faith, trust and believe that He wants the best for your life, and that He will carry you through if you ask Him to.

"Trust God as if only He can bring you through; work as if your studying is the only thing that can bring you through."

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