Monday, 30 June 2008

Lord keep my focus on You

Sometimes I live my life
Just as You've planned
Other times I struggle to obey Your command
Choices I make each day
Determine if I obey and follow You
Trusting You, guide me I pray

Lord keep my focus on You each day
Oh, I am tempted to go my own way
Help me to trust in You
To live my life, to honour You
Lord keep my focus on You

Trials surround me, Lord
I cry in despair
I know You're with me
And You hear every prayer
Open my eyes to see
That You know what's best for me
Remember me, calm my fear
This is my plea

Calmly, I follow You sharing Your Word,
Praising You, Lord Jesus for Your love unreserved
Hide me to do Your will
To reach forth in darkness still
Your shining light, burning bright
Lord, I'm fulfilled

Lord, Keep My Focus on You - The Wilds Music

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