Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The right thing

Cowardice asks the question

Is it safe?

Experience asks the question

Is it politic?

Vanity asks the question

Is it popular?

But conscience asks the question

Is it right?

There comes a time when

We must take a position

That is neither safe

Nor political

Nor popular

But we must take it because

Our Conscience tells us

It is right.

-- Martin Luther King, Jnr. --

Monday, 15 December 2008

Busy days

I've been having some pretty busy days lately. It's always the case during holidays because that's the time when I try to finish up unfinished projects! And I've got so many of them that I've started and never finished. Evangel College for one.

So this holidays, it's my aim to finish Evangel College. I've only got one more unit to do! Yay. Hopefully I'll be done by end of December 08.

Then, I'm going to be doing a teach-a-ton. My previous music teacher is going on a holiday, and is getting me to teach her students as well as help her daughter practice! Wow. I must say I'm pretty honoured by the choice, considering she is also in the business of having her own studio teachers below her (of which I am not one!). But she has asked me to teach instead of them! But I guess they must want a break too, well.... either that or they are also equally busy! haha. Knowing my teacher, it must be the latter. :) So I'm going to be working big time too! Awesome

Of course, there is the annual buzz of church activities that come with the Christmas season: the carolling, christmas plays, the family camp and of course, the watchnight service on the 31st of December.

That is only the outside activities! Combined with the regular home duties... that makes a crazy time.

But I must admit I enjoy it... I think I'd go nuts with nothing to do. lol. So I guess it is a good thing that being bored never materialises!

Or if it does, I just simply find things to do: read a book, write my journal, blog, facebook, email, cook, or try sewing! haha. Or start a new 'project'.... which I'm famous at doing ^_^

Anyway... I ought to start studying for the last business test this thursday... I'd hate to fail the last one and have to redo it! :S

More later. :)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Euthanasia upfront

This documentary shows a man choosing to take his own life with the help of a doctor, and the support of his family. It is just so sad, that sometimes it is difficult to know what to say about the wrongs of euthanasia, especially when you see it upfront. But I suppose the fact still remains that killing (taking of a human life) is still sin before God, no matter the circumstances around it. It does not matter that you are suffering greatly or are depressed or that deciding to live will have a lot more "stress" and "pain" than dying. Sin is sin before God.

What I can say however, is that God gives grace to those who obey Him and follow His will.

Besides, life will definitely NOT be more stressful or painful than death if you choose to commit suicide. For the same reason that if you disobey God, you will end up in hell. And hell... well. hell on earth is NOTHING compared to the real thing. I know I'm saying this really ungracefully, but I can't think of any other way to put it that will still convey the same urgency and importance.

Here's the documentary:

Euthanasia debate reignited
Euthanasia debate reignited

Friday, 5 December 2008

Why most scientists believe the world is old

This post is taken from a Creation Ministries December 2008 Newsletter by Dr Russell Humphreys, PH.D. He writes,

There is a little-known irony in the controversy between creationists and evolutionist about the age of the world. The majority of scienties- the evolutionsists- rely on a minority of the relevant data. Yet a minority of scientiest- the creationists- use the majority of the relevant data. Adding to the irony is the public's wrong impression that it is the other way around. Therefore, many ask: "If the evidence is so strongly for a young earth, why do most scientists believe otherwise?" The answer is simple: Most scientist believe the earth is old because they believe most other scientists believe the earth is old!

Going round in circles

They trust in what's called 'circular reasoning', not data. I once encountered such a clear example of this misplaced trust, that I made detailed notes immediately. It happened when I spoke with a young (in his early thirties, career-ambitious, and upwadly mobile) geochemist at sandia National Laboratories, where I then worked as a physicist. I presented him with one piece of evidence for a young world, the rapid accumulation of sodium in the ocean. It was ideal, since much of geochemistry deals with chemicals in the ocean.

I wanted to see how he explained prossible ways for sodium to get out of the sea fasdt enough to balance the rapid input of sodium to the sea. Creationist geologist Steve Austin and I wanted the information in order to complete a scientific paper on the topic. We went around and around the issue for an hour, but he finally admitted he knew of no way to remove sodium from the sea fast enough. That would mean the sea could not be billions of years old. Realizing that, he said, "Since we know from other sciences that the ocean is billion of years old, such a removal process must exist."

I questioned whether we 'know' that at all and started to mention some of the other evidence of a young world. He interrupted me, agreeing that he probably didn't know even one percent of such data, since the science journals he depended on had not pointed it out as being important. But he did not want to examine the evidence for himself, because, he said, "People I trust don't accept creation!"

Faith, not science

I asked him which people he was relying upon. His answer was, "I trust Stephen Jay Gould!" (At that time Gould, a paleontologist, was still alive and considered the world's most prominent evolutionist.) Thus the geochemist revealed his main reason for thinking the earth is old: "People I trust" i.e., scientific authorities, had declared it. I was surprised that he didn't see the logical inconsistency of his own position. He trusted Gould and other authorities but ignored hugely relevant data!

Perhaps the geochemist thought it so unlikely the earth is young that he wasn't going to waste time investigating the possibility himself. But if that were the case, then it shows another way the old-world myth perpetuates itself-- by intellectual inertia.

I remember haivng similar attitudes when I was a grad student in physics, while I was still an evolutionist. I was wondering about a seeming inconsistency in biological evolutionism. But, I told myself, surely the experts know the answer, and I've got my dissertation research to do. I had no idea that (a) the experts had no answer for it, and (b) the implications were extremely important, affecting my entire worldview.

Before I became a Christian, I resisted evidence for a recent creation because of its spiritual implications. The geochemist might also have been resisting such implications, and was merely using scientific authority as a convenient excuse.

The bottom line

Many scientists are not the independent seekers of truth the public imagines, so the public should not trust them blindly. For a variety of reasons, scientists depend on other scientists to be correct, even when themselves have some reason for doubt. Unfortunately, as most creationist scientists can tell you, the young geochemist's reaction is not at all exceptional. Many scientists, without serious questioning, trust the opinions of their own 'experts'. However, I'm happy to report that other, when presented with creationist data, have bcome very interested and have investigated it. Many have become creationists that way, as I did.

D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D
Creation Ministries International