Thursday, 25 January 2007

Pics from Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Moruya and all those stops in between

In Canberra- Captain Cook's Memorial fountain.

Yes! Australia's Parliament house! I am so priviledged to get in there and tour around. I even got to see Prime Minister John Howard debate in the House of Representatives!!!

I love this picture- it's one of my favourite of the trip. I managed to catch Daniel in a nice pic- he usually comes out with all sorts of grotesques faces! This was in Coffs Harbour, on the way to Sydney from Melbourne.

This is in Gold Coast- I know it's not a very good shot of us because the sun was glaring down, and so it was hard to look up and smile (even sunny days can be gloomy). :P But it's a good proof that we were in Sea World. :D

A park in Moruya- look at the lush green lawn! A few hours south of it, and everything turns brown!

This was taken in the Yarra Training Centre in Lilydale.

hahaha... I have to laugh everytime I see or think of this. It's for a friend whose name is spelt here with less mistakes than usually! lol... It was taken in Melbourne, about 10 minutes from the Training Centre.

My cute brother. :P

Aha... Aunty Kamal's roses- aren't they pretty!

Here's another one.

By special request...

This was taken from our apartment at Gold Coast. The beach was just a 5 minute walk away! It's beautiful!

Yes.. I was 'babywalking' Daniel at the beach too. We had lots of fun. He ended up getting his pants all wet, and refused to walk back to the apartment. Dad had to carry him back.

This is the same beach but at the end of it. We walked all the way there- no wonder Daniel was tired.

This is the MOST original sign I have ever seen! We passed by it on the way to Adelaide (after the tedious train ride) and just HAD to stop by to take a shot. So it has an honoured space on my blog. :D

Yes, Gold Coast again. I must find some pictures of Melbourne and Sydney, huh?

Wednesday, 24 January 2007


It's entirely wonderful to be back, that I feel like doing a jig, hence the title. :D

Today I sent in a tax file number application to be eligible to apply for the HECS-HELP program. I came out with a certificate certifying that I lodged an application with them, and then remembered that I needed 3 copies for the 3 different institutions I had to send to!!! I'm sure no one else is as mutton-headed as I was...

And then, I decided to take the Learner's General Theory Test after that. I had only studied it for one day and came out with 30 out of 30!!! Wow. I know I should not be boasting, but I'm so pleased with myself. :) To be sure, it's not hard at all- but still... The only thing I have to complain is that I had to pay $33 to take the learner's test, and pay $45 for the driving assessment, and $5 extra to buy the 'L plate' to learn!!! After that, I found out I needed two- one for the front and another for the back. I've decided to make my own with yellow paper and black masking tape. Humph. They must make so much money out of these adolescents all too eager to learn to drive- heedless of expense. The leeches.

Anyway, I came outside to wait for my parents who were shopping at Woolworths opposite. I decided to wait outside, so that they didn't have to turn in and turn out again- you know- to make things easier for them as a dutiful daughter should. :P It happens that there was a small tree with some shade, and I stood under there waiting for them when this man walks up to me. That in itself was ok, but his appearance and behaviour gave me such a fright! When he started coming a bit too close for my liking, I walked forward, and he CIRCLED around me! My heart dropped- I was ready to scream at any moment if he dared touch me. Lucky for him (and for me I guess) he looked around and didn't like the conspicuousness of the situation, and walked back to his seat in front of a closed Thai restaurant. Before he sat down though, he made a gesture that made me seem like I was in his way. Well, I didn't hesitate to get out of his way that was for sure! I walked as fast as I could without running to the sidewalk from the main road where lots of cars passed. In a minute later, my parents came, and I related the incident to them.

My dad told me that if it ever happened again, I should not appear frightened, but instead to swing around suddenly and yell at him: "What do you want?" It might frighten him off. I had to laugh. But then what if he took it as a challenge or something else equally unpleasant?

I am so grateful for God's protection. I wonder what the man saw that made him turn away. And why did he make that odd gesture? To whom did he mean it for? Somethings are not meant for me to know, I guess.

Monday, 1 January 2007

Happy New Year!

Hey guys! Welcome to a totally brand new start! I'm introducing to you... *drumroll*

THE YEAR 2007!!!!
Yep, it's no special year, this one. It promises to be chock full of surprises for men and women, old and young, rich or poor alike. And, since we all don't know what to expect from this capricious and volatile product called time in 2007, I suggest you take a break and look out all around you. Learn from people, so that you don't make the same mistakes. Learn from history's mistake of repeating itself, and get a hold on life, for this year 2007 promises to be no normal one...

The only way you can do learn form others is to listen to them. Well, I suppose you don't yet know everyone around the world, but let me also introduce you to this specially designed 'listening agency to people all around the world' product called, a BLOG!

There, I've got you hooked. So, shall I expect to see you around some time soon? Not only on this one, but on all the others? Great! Have fun 'listening'! :D

Postscript: (yes I know- it really IS 2007, ok? Despite what my archive link year says... You've gotta trust me. It's either my word or a computer's.)