Thursday, 25 January 2007

Pics from Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Moruya and all those stops in between

In Canberra- Captain Cook's Memorial fountain.

Yes! Australia's Parliament house! I am so priviledged to get in there and tour around. I even got to see Prime Minister John Howard debate in the House of Representatives!!!

I love this picture- it's one of my favourite of the trip. I managed to catch Daniel in a nice pic- he usually comes out with all sorts of grotesques faces! This was in Coffs Harbour, on the way to Sydney from Melbourne.

This is in Gold Coast- I know it's not a very good shot of us because the sun was glaring down, and so it was hard to look up and smile (even sunny days can be gloomy). :P But it's a good proof that we were in Sea World. :D

A park in Moruya- look at the lush green lawn! A few hours south of it, and everything turns brown!

This was taken in the Yarra Training Centre in Lilydale.

hahaha... I have to laugh everytime I see or think of this. It's for a friend whose name is spelt here with less mistakes than usually! lol... It was taken in Melbourne, about 10 minutes from the Training Centre.

My cute brother. :P

Aha... Aunty Kamal's roses- aren't they pretty!

Here's another one.


  1. Hey!!! thanks for the pics! :D .. im touched ;) Nice! and good break for you guys... looks lke you all had a superb time.. really enjoyed yourselves i bet. :o) missingya~lisa

  2. Hi Adel-I-mean-Abigail! ;)

    How are you? Sadly, I think I can infer from this post that you're back in Perth again...we just got home from QLD a few days ago, so it seems we're always missing each other!

    I've been really busy or else I would have tried to contact you before - at the beginning of January I played the third movement of the Bruch Violin Concerto in G minor with orchestra at the Gala Concerto Concert of the Suzuki International Conference...otherwise I've been tied up with uni, I enrolled into BMUS(Perf) at the Conservatorium just the day before yesterday.

    Your trip looks really wonderful (and the roses are really beautiful) - how did you like Coffs and Sea World? And Sydney, of course...

    What do you have planned for this year? How is teaching going?

    And yes, your brother is very cute. :D

    Well, hope to catch up to you soon, if only online.


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