Monday, 1 January 2007

Happy New Year!

Hey guys! Welcome to a totally brand new start! I'm introducing to you... *drumroll*

THE YEAR 2007!!!!
Yep, it's no special year, this one. It promises to be chock full of surprises for men and women, old and young, rich or poor alike. And, since we all don't know what to expect from this capricious and volatile product called time in 2007, I suggest you take a break and look out all around you. Learn from people, so that you don't make the same mistakes. Learn from history's mistake of repeating itself, and get a hold on life, for this year 2007 promises to be no normal one...

The only way you can do learn form others is to listen to them. Well, I suppose you don't yet know everyone around the world, but let me also introduce you to this specially designed 'listening agency to people all around the world' product called, a BLOG!

There, I've got you hooked. So, shall I expect to see you around some time soon? Not only on this one, but on all the others? Great! Have fun 'listening'! :D

Postscript: (yes I know- it really IS 2007, ok? Despite what my archive link year says... You've gotta trust me. It's either my word or a computer's.)

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