Sunday, 18 February 2007

Happy CNY!

Hey everyone!


Celebratory time again! Amazing how many things one can find to celebrate about! Only the chinese have 2 new years, though... :)

Today was pretty normal because we used up all our celebration spirit yesterday and the day before! We thought friday was new year's eve, and yesterday was new year, so we called my grandma in Singapore... imagine our shock (and laughter) when we found out we were a day early!! Yup... Perth is so bad that we can't even get the date for Chinese New Year right! :D

Well, I just came back from visiting my uncle (the only relative left here! Everyone else has flown their nest to go visiting overseas! No fair). Everything was good and normal until we decided to go home. On the way to the door, a wedding picture caught my attention, and I decided to go up close to have a look: It was a picture of my cousin in New York. i can't believe she has a baby now... Anyway, everyone was leaving so I had to hurry. I took one last cursory glance and hurried towards the door when-


uh oh... I just stepped on something hard- and sharp. I lifted my left foot and beheld a piece of war shrapnel glass sticking out of the hardened sole of my foot. Up till this point. Let me say there was so pain. I tried yanking the glass out, but it stuck. Ouch... it hurt. One more desperate and heroic attempt pulled the piece of shrapnel- er, glass- out. Then, the blood came... (and then the consoling plaster).

Well, so now I start the first day of uni with a 'lame' foot.... *sigh*

Friday, 2 February 2007


Dated February 2, 2007 (Yep, February :D)

"Dear Abigail,

Due to your outstanding academic achievements, you have been nominated to serve as a Global Scholar representing Australia at the 2007 Global youth Leaders Conference (GYLC)...."

W-w-wwhat? *gulp* a global scholar, me?!! You're pulling my leg- nay- my whole body too!!! *a sneaking suspicion that they've mailed the wrong person*

"...which will commence in your choice of either Europe or the United States."

I get to choose? I get to travel, again? So soon?! What on earth?... I don't understand *shakes head to clear fuzzy feeling* *suspicion grows*

"The Global Young Leaders Conference is an outstanding opportunity for you, as a high achieving scholar, to learn the diplomatic, social and economic lessons of the past, debate the policies of the present and prepare for a position of national and global leadership in the future."

What's this about a Global Scholar again? I think they're the ones who've gone mad!! Insane. What a prank to play on poor me... And to think that they stay in the other end of the globe too!

"You will expand your cultural awareness..."

Oh, I know I'm a chinese, if that's what you mean.

"... and cultivate your inherent leadership skills as you interact with students from more than 100 countries."

One hundred countries are coming to pay me a visit?! Nay- they're REALLY mad!

"You will form new ideas and new ways of thinking by participating in simulations that challenge you to look at on-going world issues from varying points of view."

Right. Mine, Me, I and Myself's views. How many points of view did you say again?

"By choosing the European program, you will visit Vienna, Budapest, and Prague."

Erm... who are they? Where do they stay again? The information is imcomplete!!!

"During your 13-day journey, you will examine the issues of importance to you, your peers and to the young men and womend of your generation all around the globe..."

Oh THAT one. I can answer that: money. That was easy. :D

"Issues such as:
1. The expansion of the European Union; and
2. The enveloping role of the United Nations & other international organizations."


"You will:
1. Visit Foreign Embassies;
2. Meet with high ranking diplomatic officials;
3. Participate in cultural exchanges;
4. Retrace the footsteps of former rulers; and
5. Visit historic seats of power."

Oh? There's a time machine and I'm to become a president and Queen??! What about Dictators and Tyrants? I suppose they don't have a throne, do they? Oh well...

Frankly, I'd much rather be Potentate of the World.

"In the U.S.,"

It's US now? I'm lost. I wanna go home.

"GYLC will first take you to the political power center of Washington, D.C. There you will be presented with the extraordinary opportunity to meet and interact with senior members of Presidnet George W. Bush's Administration and other keynote speakers..."

*Gulp* I'm not so sure I want to be President, Queen and Dictator after all. I'd much, much rather stick to being Potentate... I actually have to meet with a Cabinet? What will I say to it?

"You will personally explore the awe-inspiring monuments of the United Sates, such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial."

Now, why on earth should I want to see some stones?!

"You will then travel to the country's economic power center of New York City where you will be exposed to the exciting sights and sounds of this amazing city, learn about the business of international finance and participate in the unique Global Summit simulation at the United Nations."

Sorry. My mind gets fuddled with figures. heh...heh...heh I'd much rather not, thanks. :P

"Upon completion of the Conference, you will be recognized for your participation in GYLC with a Global Young Leaders Conference Youth Leadership Award, an award that distinguishes you as a high achiever."

heh. May I ask, how? One piece of paper? After all that time spent wandering around the world!?

"Abigail, please take a moment to discuss your nomination with your family."

You've got it wrong there. They're the ones discussing it with me! I can't even read in peace!!

"To secure your space right away, enroll directly online at no later than April 13, 2007.

In closing, I congratulate you on all that you have accomplished in the past, and i applaud you for all that you will accomplish as a Global Scholar this summer in either Europe or the United States."

Global Scholar?! AGAIN! What's wrong with them?! I'm no scholar, much less a global one!

Err... what was it all about? I have quite forgotten.