Sunday, 18 February 2007

Happy CNY!

Hey everyone!


Celebratory time again! Amazing how many things one can find to celebrate about! Only the chinese have 2 new years, though... :)

Today was pretty normal because we used up all our celebration spirit yesterday and the day before! We thought friday was new year's eve, and yesterday was new year, so we called my grandma in Singapore... imagine our shock (and laughter) when we found out we were a day early!! Yup... Perth is so bad that we can't even get the date for Chinese New Year right! :D

Well, I just came back from visiting my uncle (the only relative left here! Everyone else has flown their nest to go visiting overseas! No fair). Everything was good and normal until we decided to go home. On the way to the door, a wedding picture caught my attention, and I decided to go up close to have a look: It was a picture of my cousin in New York. i can't believe she has a baby now... Anyway, everyone was leaving so I had to hurry. I took one last cursory glance and hurried towards the door when-


uh oh... I just stepped on something hard- and sharp. I lifted my left foot and beheld a piece of war shrapnel glass sticking out of the hardened sole of my foot. Up till this point. Let me say there was so pain. I tried yanking the glass out, but it stuck. Ouch... it hurt. One more desperate and heroic attempt pulled the piece of shrapnel- er, glass- out. Then, the blood came... (and then the consoling plaster).

Well, so now I start the first day of uni with a 'lame' foot.... *sigh*

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