Monday, 6 October 2008

Amendment to abortion legislation in VIC must be stopped!

That Australia should even come to the stage allowing abortion is totally tragic. But there's worse news. Abortion was only allowed in VIC for fetuses up to 22-23 weeks because after that, the fetus is legally a child 'capable of being born alive'. However, the VIC parliament is now planning to extend the time frame of abortion all the way until the birth of the baby!

If you have time, go to and have a look. It's an American website, but it brings out the horror of abortion- something that every woman should know. If they are going to stick to their "right to choose", they should at LEAST face up to what they are choosing! The site isn't just for women, but it for everyone. Christians or no. You MUST see what abortion is doing to our next generation... the millions of 'could have been'. There's all this talk on the injustice of the "stolen generation". And yes, it was unjust. But how much more the whole generation of babies wiped out merely because the parents finds it socially inconvenient to have one!

Parliament wants to talk law? Well, how about this: encouraging total wantonness and irresponsible behaviour goes against public policy. And that is what they will be encouraging if they allow women to abort babies simply because they find it too inconvenient to have a child. If they can't take care of the child, give it up for adoption! There are so many parents who would LOVE to have a child of their own but can't!

Justifying abortion by rape and women's health cases is just an excuse. The number of rape cases that resulted in abortion is 1%. Aborting the fetus because of health problems? 6%. the other 93% is ALL due to "social inconvenience"!

And then of course we come to rights. Women's rights to choose. yeah sure. Just make sure you know WHAT you are choosing. And then, how about the baby's rights? Don't THEY get a say too, while we're at it?

We've got to do something now. It's rather too late to act once the legislation has been amended.

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