Monday, 15 December 2008

Busy days

I've been having some pretty busy days lately. It's always the case during holidays because that's the time when I try to finish up unfinished projects! And I've got so many of them that I've started and never finished. Evangel College for one.

So this holidays, it's my aim to finish Evangel College. I've only got one more unit to do! Yay. Hopefully I'll be done by end of December 08.

Then, I'm going to be doing a teach-a-ton. My previous music teacher is going on a holiday, and is getting me to teach her students as well as help her daughter practice! Wow. I must say I'm pretty honoured by the choice, considering she is also in the business of having her own studio teachers below her (of which I am not one!). But she has asked me to teach instead of them! But I guess they must want a break too, well.... either that or they are also equally busy! haha. Knowing my teacher, it must be the latter. :) So I'm going to be working big time too! Awesome

Of course, there is the annual buzz of church activities that come with the Christmas season: the carolling, christmas plays, the family camp and of course, the watchnight service on the 31st of December.

That is only the outside activities! Combined with the regular home duties... that makes a crazy time.

But I must admit I enjoy it... I think I'd go nuts with nothing to do. lol. So I guess it is a good thing that being bored never materialises!

Or if it does, I just simply find things to do: read a book, write my journal, blog, facebook, email, cook, or try sewing! haha. Or start a new 'project'.... which I'm famous at doing ^_^

Anyway... I ought to start studying for the last business test this thursday... I'd hate to fail the last one and have to redo it! :S

More later. :)

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