Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A state of complacency

Maybe being sick during the exam week ain't such a bad thing after all. It forces me to rest, relax and not worry!

Here I am in the uni since 8:45am this morning, coming to study for my administrative law exam in 2 days time, and all I can do is check email, watch a movie (one night with the king-it's awesome if you haven't seen it before), listen to music and now, blog!! Wayyyyyyyy too complacent.

Must have been all the late nights from last week kicking in. Came down with a flu- nose won't stop running, and its RED from all the tissue-scrubbing. ^_^ Could pass for a clown, maybe

Sigh... back to bias... procedural fairness, unreasonableness, ultra vires and an exam practice paper.... -.-

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