Tuesday, 14 November 2006

My happy snail!

I recently received a discarded wooden puzzle snail (that's a long story cut the shortest I can make it). Having some spare time after my exam, I decided to paint it... so there you have my happy snail, with a formal tie! (I wanted to do him navy and white, but decided that it won't go with his happy-go-lucky character, so compromised with a tie and collar.)

I used the most expensive paint in the house on this toy, simply because I had no other! :O The paint is actually for folk art- which I am doing halfway now- and I used about half a tube of brown paint on this little fella! Jo Sonja is such an expensive brand, but I didn't have acrylic, and watercolour would look terrible, so I sacrificed a bit of my unused brown paint on him. :) Someday soon I'll post a pic of my folk art- an old forgotten bit of territory I learnt of, some years back.

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