Monday, 13 November 2006

Going on holiday!


I'm going to see Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and the desert in 6 days time! :D I am looking forward to it. Actually, I am enjoying myself a lot now. I think the best part of the holiday is the anticipation of the days before, not the actual event itself. Anticipation allows one to dream and well... anticipate! The real stuff doesn't- one is disillusioned all too often.

Anyway, I've only packed some stuff so far. I think packings fun too, because I like to dream- dream of what to wear and when to wear it, and maybe sometimes how to wear it! I'm quite a dreamer...

Well yes, that's pretty obvious isn't it! I keep getting off track. A good writer never does that! (well here I go again- talking about writing when my subject is my holiday!) Now. *clears throat, adjusts body posture and begins*

I shall be off to see Australia! (Well, at least some little bit of it.) And since it will be quite a long holiday- I think the longest I will have taken so far- I have decided to do some travel blogging for the benefit of my friends back where I live. One and a half months is a long time for them, they'll miss me (and my family) until their hearts ache, so having a little compassion for them... :D lol.

So here's the intro. Wait a bit for the umm... beginning?

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