Monday, 13 November 2006

I've turned advertiser

It seems like I've turned advertiser to my brother's art these days. But I can't help it- I think for an unpractised and untaught boy, he's got some real talent! I love this scene from the _____. You can guess again. :D

If my brother ever becomes famous, he shall owe much of it to me! He's too lazy and don't know how to try and publicise his drawings, so his "loving" sister gets the job. :P
Same note: please do not copy the drawing without permission.


  1. heya... :P guess whooooo?! Nice.. I didn't know nat drew pics. you somehow have to figure me out..
    Stalker.. hahahaha!! :D

  2. I do NOT like anonymous dudettes, Melissa! :D You are quite easy to see through however. Only you use the word 'heya'! :P


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