Thursday, 9 November 2006

Introducing the Elitemeadow Characters!

There are days where one is positively nostalgic, and today is one of them. In these sort of days, one dreams about bygone days (most people are worthless to do anything else on these days) and bygone events and objects. Today however, I dream about one aspect of my life that has 'carried' me through from birth until now.

These are my babies. Actually, I have been disillusioned quite some time ago of them being toys, but that is SUCH a horrible unfeeling term to use on one's life buddies...

I played with them on rainy days, pretending they each had some superpower, to overcome an obstacle. I once had a favourite bear called Rita (its was most probably a panda, since it had a black ring around the eye) which was so used that it had to undergo many operations to sew its torn leg up. I seriously don't know how it tore, but time and time over again, it did tear. Finally, mum and dad decided to throw it away...

These are my bed buddies since a long time ago until now. The oldest is probably 8 years old.

This is the oldest, Tiger:

She is a present from my dad. HE got it as a free gift from Esso, a petrol station in Singapore during one of their several promotions.

Then the next oldest 2 are probably Spotty and Miffy:

Spotty is actually my 2 brother's but he didn't take care of him, so out of pity, I adopted him as playmate for Miffy. Miffy came as a christmas present. She is so cute! (She's acutally from one of those promotions from a Kodak store)

Then, I got brown bear. He was saved from being discarded and unloved. He was my cousins' my they didn't want him, and I did, because of his unique stance, so I adopted him too. Jumbo (the little sized elephant mouse- I could never decide his breed) was also my 2 brother's. He actually sqeaks! (I couldn't decide whether he squeaked as an elephant because he was afraid of a mouse, or because he is a mouse) This is a picture of both Brown Bear and Jumbo. They 'guard' the rest of the family against intruders by standing guard outside the house (my bed).

Blue Bear... He is minusule! But so cute. I got him as a gift from my second cousins in Singapore. How nice. He is the perfect pocket sized bear to take along on any trip. Indeed, he is so small, that I am in constant fear of losing him! Miffy and him are on best terms. I wrote a story about his arrival, and it can be found here.

Greenfy is my 1st brother's. He got it around the same time I got Miffy. However, Greenfy was in danger of being ignored, so rather than hurting his poor feelings, I took him in. He has since then been able to play suitor to Miffy in my imaginations. :D I don't have a picture of him by himself, but he is in the collective picture right at the end of this post.

Then I have Harmony. He is a part of The Dog collection. He is a gift too, from some church friends. He helps to stand guard outside.

This is my 2nd newest addition. I decided to call him King because I had recently read the book "I am David", and really admired the courage and bravery of the sheepdog King. He is quite old, in fact he was my parents, but they decided they got too old for him, so I got him- and I'm glad! He looks like such a puppy, even though he is HUGE.

Then my newest (and my favourite) addition is Tennyson. I didn't get the priviledge of naming him. He got named already. He was my 16th Birthday present from 2 church friends, and I love him. He is so soft and cuddly (he is the softest toy I have ever owned!)I cry on him, smile on him, and lavish attention on him all the time, depending on the mood I'm in. :)Here he is:

That's all. :) Here's a picture with the lot of them grouped together. It was taken before Tennyson was added though, so he's not in there.

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