Saturday, 11 November 2006

A genius in the making

Wow... The above picture is a drawing of my brother drawn several days ago. Isn't it good! I couldn't draw half as well. It is so 'like' too! Oh C'mon! I think it's good enough for you to guess who it is without me having to tell you! Can you guess?

I tried cropping the drawing using Picasa (it's a really cool picture program from Google) but for some reason I can't blog it! So I have to post the entire drawing. I only wanted to post (ooops must not let the cat out of the bag-I nearly did!) the lady's face.

I played around with the cropped drawing using photo impression, and it actually came out quite good! Again, I tried to post it, but I can't- don't know why.

Also, one last point before I take my leave. My brother requests that you do NOT (by any means, way or device) copy the picture without permission or he might sue you. (You are free to enjoy it here for free though!):P Thank you!

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