Friday, 2 November 2007

Madeline McCann and the Battle of Kruger

I have just read an account of Madeline McCann’s disappearance from the hotel room in Portugal in a public forum that seemed so analogous with the Youtube video of ‘Battle at Krugar’.

In that video, some inexperienced lions caught a baby buffalo and managed to drag it down to the edge of the water where they grabbed the throat of the calf and tried their best to suffocate the young life out of it.

A crocodile saw easy food, and started gate crashing for its lunch—it was later joined by another crocodile.

The lions ‘won’ the fight and managed to drag the young calf to dry land without being disturbed by the crocodiles.

However, unbeknownst to the young lions, the calf’s parents went back and regrouped the whole herd of buffalos to come and save the calf.

Those taking the footage murmured “It is too late, it is dead by now.”

But no—the young life was resilient enough to struggle to its feet by the time the buffalo herd rushed back to chase the lions away, and was received back into the herd safely (despite being mauled by the lions and fought over by crocodiles).

Madeline is the calf, and her parents the lions.

They may have tried to cap the young life, and outside commentators may think that they’ve succeeded in doing so, but young life is resilient, and I’ve no doubt that Madeline may still be resurrected from her grave of dark secrets.

The parents may have won the battle against the police, cleaning away and disguising any evidence that may incriminate them, but they have quite forgotten the public ‘herd’.

That they think such a story can escape public attention shows how inexperienced they are—child abductions and murders never escape public notice, and the wrongdoer/s will find public retribution very difficult to escape from.

If the parents had a hand in killing young Madeline, they can be sure that they will be in as much trouble as the young and inexperienced lions videoed in the ‘Battle of Kruger’.

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