Friday, 2 November 2007

Luck according to Professor Richard Wiseman

Are you among the 90% unlucky enough to overlook an A4 notice in size 40 font detailing a golden opportunity to win $1,000,000 for something as simple as spotting that notice?

If so, then perhaps you should enrol in The Luck School founded by Professor Wiseman to help unlucky people find luck by changing the way they think.

According to Prof Wiseman in a public lecture he gave at UWA, being lucky is all in the mind because there is a silver lining under every cloud—finding it depends on the amount of effort and creativity you spend searching for it.

When faced with the same set of ‘bad’ circumstances, lucky people believe that it is the best thing in the long run that could happen to them, and unlucky people believe that they were fated to bad luck.

“The difference between lucky and unlucky people is the way they look at the world,” Prof Wiseman said.

It was because Prof Wiseman discovered that unlucky people stuck to their views of being unlucky that he founded The Luck School.

The school cultivates two main qualities: flexibility and gratitude.

Those are two important attributes to have because a flexible person will not be stressed or anxious about changes, and a grateful person will be content with their circumstances, no matter how ‘unlucky’ it is.

After much research, Prof Wiseman compiled four principles that compose a lucky person.

A lucky person creates opportunities for himself, believes in having lucky hunches, expects good fortune, and turns ‘bad luck’ into good by changing his perspective.

It is because of these principles that all students in The Luck School have to keep a luck diary for recording all the circumstances in ‘bad’ situations, as well as the perspective they had of it—and later, any changes of that perspective.

This encourages them to be more alert and creative in making opportunities for themselves, be more hopeful in expecting good fortune, and becomes a means of catharsis for them to express their feelings.

After attending The Luck School, ‘unlucky’ students have changed their view of the following for the better: family life, financial life, health, life in general, etc—in other words, they turned ‘lucky’.

Don’t hesitate—get in the queue to join this one-of-a-kind school and turn your tide of bad luck into good luck by changing your perspective!

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