Friday, 9 November 2007

Italian Gelatino in Mandurah

My cousin and I wanted to go shopping. Lisa told me that there was a Mandurah forum somewhere where they got really good bargains so I wanted to look for that shopping centre. I was pretty sure there would be like only one central shopping centre! But I couldn't even find that one! Unless it was the Woolworths our parents went to.

So anyway, Hui Wen and I decided to wander around and go look for some ice-cream. We'd just come back from eating Cicerellos and we had wanted to have Simmos, but then our parents wanted to check in and put their luggage away in the apartment, so we missed out on Simmos.

Then, they needed to buy food for dinner to cook. So we (my uncle and aunty, my dad, mum, Hui Wen and I went shopping in what looked like the main shopping centre of the area- Woolworths. Naturally, my cousin and I weren't too happy with looking at groceries, so we decided to wander off (after getting permission of course)

We literally wandered around- we wanted to go to Supre which we saw on the way to the apartment, but couldn't find it, so we opted for ice-cream. Once we decided on what we wanted to do (no small feat, I assure you), we wandered around getting lost, looking for ice-cream. Then, we bumped into an English candy store.

I couldn't resist buying 2 small packs of 'sour' strips at a rip-off price of $3 for a tiny pack. Hui Wen got chocolate coated sultanas and nuts. I must admit we were rather greedy, and tore into the sweets just as we got out of the store, and found to our disgust that the 'sour' sweets weren't really sour, and it tasted all wrong! Not only that, but my cousin's nuts were rather stale too. Ugh.

Rather bumped, we decided to treat ourselves to some decent sweeties, namely something cold, something sweet, something soft- ICE CREAM... :D Yup. Back to plan 1.

We found a Heidi's store which claimed to sell I think it was 49 different flavours of ice-cream? I'm not sure, but we went in there, and vacillated on whether we should get a huge cup ice-cream and share, or get a cone each or whether we wanted waffles in which case Heidi didn't carry that and we would have to start searching all over again. I think the salesgirl for all her amusement at our expense, must have been privately been rather impatient at us standing there tossing the decision between ourselves as to what we should have. If we were smart, we would have just bought the best and most expensive ice-cream there to share and be done with it. But we were a bunch of silly girls bent on stuffing ourselves to the full and ruining our shape and dinner. We decided to have waffles.

We seriously got SO lost looking for an ice-cream parlour that sold waffles. Then we saw it. A little gelatino cafe beside Gloria Jeans. It looked pretty good, and there were customers sitting outside drinking coffee and what not. So we instantly decided to go. Besides, we were hot and tired of walking.

After some deliberation, I ordered a waffle with one scoop of choc chip ice-cream and cream and syrup. My cousin ordered something else. My cousin's came first, and I naturally assumed that mine would be coming immediately after. However, I was told that they ran out of whipped cream, and one of the salesgirl had just gone to buy the whipped cream. I agreed to wait. After waiting for something like 15 minutes, the salesgirl came out to tell me that she felt bad making me wait for so long, and would I like an extra scoop of icecream? Of course I agreed! I picked a berry sorbet which was quite good. When my waffle and ice-cream came about 10-15 minutes later, I was already feeling PRETTY full, having had some of my cousin's waffles. The waffles were a MAJOR disappointment! It was so dense- like eating bread and scones, and it was WAY, WAY too sweet!! And my choc chip gelato ice-cream turned out to taste like banana ice-cream... I couldn't even finish it, and I felt so bad wasting especially since we'd paid quite a bit for it. ARGHHHH.

Hui Wen never felt so turned off by waffles after that incident.

And I don't think I can ever eat another waffle- except maybe at Gelare, and only when it's half-price Tuesday.

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