Friday, 1 February 2008

Melbourne & Student Conference

Hi everyone!

I've been having a wonderful time in Melbourne. The ATI conference was good. My favourite part was definitely the "Eternity" chalk talk by Luke and Phil Bowman... it was awesome!!

Today kathryn's team made brekky. It was SOOOOO delicious!! (thanks heaps Kathryn!!) I loved her "fresh apple muffins" and her pancakes (which wasn't even burnt!!) and her hot chocolate!! :O Then there was fresh cream, syrup and chopped fruits to go with the pancakes... awesome! I seriously think I've gained at least 1-2kg during my 2 weeks here! :O

The messages have been really uplifting and challenging. Yesterday we learnt about laying up treasures in heaven instead of earth, and we do that by yielding ownership of our earthly treasures and time, and giving it to God by letting Him use your "treasures" to bless others needier than us. We also learnt about missions from Mr Billy Campbell and his wife Jeanne who went to Cambodia. I was falling asleep in the beginning because of the lunch that I gorged myself on... but then it got so interesting that I couldn't sleep... :D It was a good session. We are all called to be missionaries because Jesus already called us to be. It's not as if we have to wait for another "calling" from God. But we will have to wait for directions. However, that only comes when we submit to God and tell Him that we will do whatever He wants us to do. Only then will He "tell" us what to do. It's not "tell me first then i will decide whether to obey or not". It's a matter of obeying and submitting first.Yeah... so that's the lessons we had yesterday...

We had a really fun time with the games. We had quizzes (I won a prize for 2 of them :P), a sort of scavenger hunt and four-on-a-couch... :D I really enjoyed it.

Today is going to be the last day for student conference. :( But I'm sure I'll learn a lot more in this one day than I'll ever learn in a week much less a day!

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