Tuesday, 26 February 2008

For my Mother on Mothers' Day

Haha... I wrote this on the spur of a moment, for entry to win a 100 points in a survey website. Have fun reading it! :)

Dear Mother,

Mothers' Day is coming up,
So I sat down to pen a thought or two
I scratched my head but couldn't think
Oh, what am I to do?

It's not because I don't love you
Indeed you know it isn't true!
I love you so, but you know me-
When it's writing, I haven't got a hue!

So I went to the store
To look for a poem- just for you, dear Mother!
I found one (thank God!)
And in it was written: Don't bother!

So please, my darling Mother,
Accept my apologies on this auspicious day
But I was told not to bother
to write you this letter

And since I try to be
The best son you ever had
I'll be obedient
And not make you so sad

Oh yes, dear Mother!
Before I bid you adieu,
I thought I had better read you
The last little bit of the card

I'd nearly forgotten the one last bit
The part just below "Don't bother"
Below that was written:
"Just tell her you love her!"

I love you mother!

Hueless Duh

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