Tuesday, 26 February 2008

How to bathe a baby

This was written sometime back, so that explains the lapses in the quality of this instructional essay. :D Have fun reading!

Because bathing a baby is an important skill which women, and even men will need to master completely, therefore you will have to pay close attention. We will go through step by step. Proverbs 19:20 says, “Listen to counsel, and receive instruction, that you may be wise in your latter days.”

It is vital that the water in the tub is not too hot or not too cold. Test the water with your wrists to see if it’s the right temperature, before filling the tub. Add the amount of soap needed for the amount of water used, (they will usually tell you the amount at the back of the soap bottle). Then, fill the tub with water, so that the tub/sink is about half full. (You don’t want the water to overflow when you put the baby in.) You may like to “throw” in a few toys for the baby to play with, (if he is old enough). Once this is done. Place a dry towel over the changing mat. Lie out the baby’s clothes, and get the diaper ready. You are now set.

After undressing the baby, carry the child over one arm, keeping the other free. Hold the baby over the sink, and rub some soap on his hair. Be really careful NOT to get soap into his/her eyes. The wash it off carefully, making sure it doesn’t get into the baby’s face. Once the head is washed, slowly lower the baby into the water. You must always hold the baby, when he or she is young. Even when they are able to sit up, you must at least watch the child vigilantly.

Begin to rub the body, cleaning away as much dirt as possible. The baby may kick up a fuss at first, because he may not like the water; but after some time, he will get used to it. Be sure to wash under the armpits and under the folds of skin- especially in the neck and above the thighs. Clean the backside of the baby properly. You may let him/her play with the toys while cleaning. It might help to quieten the baby if he or she is crying. Let the baby play in the water a little while, but not too long. Because they lose body heat quickly in the water, and might catch a cold, therefore they shouldn’t be in the water for too long a time.

When you think it’s time for the baby to come out, carry him/her above the water to drip dry for a few seconds. Quickly carry him/her to the towel on the changing mat, and place the child on it. It will be a good idea to have some toys to distract him with. Toys that produce sound will be excellent, especially if the baby starts wailing. Wrap the baby. Dry the child. You must be quick. The diapers or nappy is the first article of clothing that must be put on. After that, put on the other clothing- shirt, pants, dress, rompers, etc. Brush the hair/ comb the hair into a neat and fitting style. Bingo! The baby is fresh, and is ready for adventure!

It is important to master the art of bathing a baby properly. The bath cleanses the baby from dirt, dust and grime, and keeps the baby fresh, happy, comfortable and healthy! By learning the right procedure, you reduce the risk of drowning the child. I hope you find the information useful. Have fun!

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