Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Yuja Wang playing Rondo Alla Turka

Waaah... it's people like her who make me want to cry and give up learning the piano, but yet at the same time press on in hope of achieving something half as great...

I really, really can't believe it! It's SOOOO good, and I love the improvisation of the Alla Turka. I wonder if she improvised herself, or if not, where I can find that score!!! I want to learn it! (And I can too... I'll force myself to. I just HAVE to!) And after all, I did manage to learn Liebestraum... :D

The hardest part of that piece would be the coordination of the 2 melodies (it's actually contrapunctal!) on the separate hands: RH having the running melody and LH the 'theme'. It's very cool and simply awesome!

Yuja Wang was unknown before, but not anymore! I'm adding her to my list of 'Awe inspiring Pianists!' :D

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  1. Wow...that is pretty awesome! I've heard of her before, but never heard her play. So cool!


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