Thursday, 24 May 2007

2nd Semester units

I just love blogging, even though I know that nobody really reads it. It is fun, and it helps relief any pent up danger inside me. :D I'd rather blow at the screen than at my family. ;)

So just for the sake of blogging, (and adding to my all time record of the most amount of posts in a month), I'll just inform you of my 2nd semester units.

1. Criminal law and procedure
2. Torts
3. Creative Writing
4. Introduction to Journalism

Dad nearly blew when I told him I signed up for photography. I got the 'picture' and switched. I was considering Forensic Science, Introduction to Politics, or Principles of Commercial law. But unfortunately, ALL of them clashed with my 2 law lectures. sigh. Forensic science may have been rather interesting. ;)

CSI... dead bodies and all. :P (Don't worry, I've been disillusioned by my tutor. CSI is nothing like the real thing, huh?)

Criminal law and Procedure and Torts both have weekly 4 hour lectures!! How am I going to sit through that?! Ugh... at least they had the decency to break it up to two 2 hour lectures weekly. But still, I thought my tutorials for this semester were bad. The Creative writing workshops are 3 hours long!!! (Although there are no lectures.)

But I think that is the course I look forward to the most. That and Journalism. I enjoy writing. However, I know that when I have an assignment to write I'm going to start freaking out... I don't write very well under pressure. But then again, maybe I do. At least I get something done, whereas if I'm relaxed, I never do.

lol... been rambling on long enough. I have the dinner to clear up: back to reality!

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