Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Lotsa fun!


I've been having plenty of fun, sleeping late into the night (until 2am!) and waking up as late as 10am! :D (Yeah, my dad won't let me get up any later.) :P

Now that things have calmed down (like wedding over, auditions over, and the hussle and bussle of holiday has sort of worn off) I am enjoying myself a lot! It's relaxing and yet enjoyable. :) I can shop whenever I want to, too! There are 2 shopping complexes within a 5-10mins walk from our residence, so its really convenient. If I feel bored I can go for a nice stroll.

Oh yes. I think I forgot to mention the library! How could I??!!! I begged my aunt to make a library card (cos my cousin left for Singapore with hers) so that I could borrow! Sam is happy with his tintin dvd, nat with his barbarossa book, (what a name!) and me with my 3 dvds... I've had a fancy to watch Audrey Hepburn starring in War and Peace (since I found the book so boring and read it only halfway through despite keeping the book for more than 6 months)! Oooops. :D I was delighted to find it right at the back of the library shelf... whoopee! Yes, I found Mansfield Park as well as Murder in the vicarage by Agatha Christie (one of the marple series)on dvd too! hmmm.... I just finished watching the last.

Well.. ok. Despite all the good things in Sydney (convenient stores, good universities, impressive libraries and relatives) I admit I prefer good ol' Perth. I kinda miss Perth already... (awww so sad, I know) :P Even the libraries here couldn't tempt me away from home back in Perth. I think I will always love Perth better than Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra or Gold Coast. Perth is BEST!

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  1. Noo.. i like spore better! i love my city!


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