Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Chiro- my foot! more like stripperpractic

I am so horrified at what I heard a two days ago that it's taken me this long to finally get it down onto something visible.

During one of my chiropractic friend's laboratory classes, the tutor in charge of instructing that class addressed the class and told them to take their shirts off. The girls initially thought it was directed to the guys in the class and made no move to do so.

The tutor added, "and girls." Some of the girls were really embarrased about this, and just lifted the back of their shirts so that their partner could touch them and feel the bones-or whatever they needed to do.

But no. That wouldn't do for the tutor. He said, "All of it. Either you strip, or you get out of this class."

The worst of it is it was a mixed class.Guys and girls!! I mean- where is the morality going to these days? Not only is it okay to wear that sort of thing at the beach, but now it even seems to be okay to wear underwear in front of your peers and teacher! What on earth?!

I am so revolted... There wasn't any or anything of that sort. At least if there were, it wouldn't be so bad because one could have brought a swimming costume or something to cover the front and leave the back bare. But still....

Or at least even having a screen or something to separate the guys from the girls. Eww...

And then my friend tells me they have to wear shorts too so that they pair up and probe one another. ?!!!?!?! It is entirely possible to have an uneven number of guys or girls and then what then? Get the tutor or one of the other gender to do the probing?!

*Gag* I just can't swallow this. It is outrageous.


  1. eww.. i think thats pretty over the top.. im sure they can do some complaining. The teacher shldnt be doing stuff liddat.. im sure. lisa

  2. Yeah.. I told my friend (I think it's pretty lame to keep referring to her as my friend, but I do have to protect her identity because I didn't get her permission to reveal her name) that she should complain to the unit coordinator or something.

    There is one ground that may work for her. Murdoch prides itself on accepting and welcoming multicultural students, and tolerating them. Well, in the chinese culture, one simply don't do these sort of things. It's considered degradatory. To force a student to strip is outrageous, and that's why I think she should complain. Not just for herself, but for all the others who will take the same course after her.

    It's just plain disgusting.


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