Thursday, 9 August 2007

General impressions on Europe

I'm so sorry if I've been rather slow trying to tell you all about Europe. I've been so busy trying to catch up on everything (not to mention my tons of reading to do for uni) that I've kinda pushed this way to the back of my to-do list.

Even now at this moment, I'm actually trying to finish skimming my reading for tomorrow's journalism tutorial, cram this week's current affairs as there will be a quiz tomorrow, and trying to ease a bit of my guilt by typing apologies... :D

I suppose I may as well tell you a little bit of Europe while I'm at it, instead of typing apologies, huh? :)

I don't know where to start... Okay. Some general impressions on Europe.


2. A little disappointing actually.

3. It's still antique and all, (like they still use horses to get around, although that is mainly more for tourists than for the locals. Most use bicycles. Some use cars.)

4. I was absolutely apalled by the number of people smoking and drinking and not just that, but the regularity too!! (and the amount!) Couldn't help gagging... Not many restaurants have separate places for smokers and non-smokers. And even if there is, the restaurants are so small that it doesn't make much difference where you sit! Ugh. I hate the cigarette smoke. It kills just by smell.

5. There were too many statues of naked men, women and children around Europe, and I did not anticipate that. There are obviously a lot of Greek influences that penetrated into Austria at some point of time, bringing together with it all the immorality and spiritual deadness... :(

6. The cathedrals were magnificent and awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, it doesn't really make an average person feel closer to God, or more awe-filled by God. On the contrary. It brought out the power and intelligence of man rather than his Creator. Definitely a sight to see though. Especially the stained glass of all Jesus' disciples.

Funny how Jesus' disciples take centre stage, and not the Master. There are at LEAST twice the amount of disciple pictures and figurines than that of the Saviour Himself. Not that He can be contained in a statue, but still!!!

7. The 'road' is made of cobble stones. It made me wonder if I alighted in Austria and not in London.

8. There are some modern buildings and places that strike a jarring chord that is rather hilarious, actually... for example, You have this wonderful antique, ornate building... that has the sign :SAMSUNG at the top! Or if you're walking down this so time-perfect stretch of stalls and cafes, you suddenly come to a sign saying: McDonalds. (!)

9. I think Hungary is prettier than Austria. Because of the green grass, and the vastness of land. And because of the horses and shopping too. The Forint is very weak, and so anything you buy in Budapest/Hungary is very much cheaper than anywhere else. I did quite a bit of shopping there. :D A NZ friend I met bought a whole watermelon for $3AUD!! And the watermelon was huge! She later opened the watermelon with a teaspoon because the hotel rooms didn't facilitate a knife! lol. Drinking watermelon, huh? ;)

10. My last point as I really have to get going. Europe is good for it's history connotations, and definitely worth having a visit. But if you're looking for a place to relax and enjoy the scenery, I'd recommend you to try the south island of New Zealand. It's so much prettier, healthful and relaxed there. Not to mention HEAPS cooler! It was 40 degrees celcius in europe when I was there! (Except for a couple of days.) I packed for spring weather too!! (long sleeves and all.. ugh.)

Oh yeah... you can see my pictures here:

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God bless!

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