Sunday, 15 April 2007



Sick again. After having the flu vaccine too. What earthly good is a flu vaccine if I still get the flu?!

First I get a sore throat. I pumped my self with double dosage of triple strength Garlic, Horseradish and Vitamin C twice a day. That's about 12 times the dosage! :D hehe...

After my sore throat, I get runny nose.

Now that that's gone, my nose becomes blocked. Grrr... I'd rather runny than blocked.

And my voice is gone too. However, I seem to be recovering pretty quickly. Perhaps the operation did help. :)

Got to sleep. I hate sleeping with a blocked nose for company though. For one thing, you make a wheezing noise everytime you breathe in and out. And for another, you can't breathe! If you have to breathe, (which I take it as compulsory) you have to use the only other channel available: your mouth.

In the morning, your mouth is all dry, parched and cracked. Your voice is gone too. *Sigh*

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