Tuesday, 10 April 2007


Whoah! For the whole of Sunday afternoon, I was stuck in front of a rectangle screen writing my LAW150 mid-semester assignment. During holidays! :O It seems that the Lecturers take advantage of student's holidays to jam in the assignments! Our 'holidays' have even been warped into 'study breaks'!!!

Ohhh please... Give us poor students an uninterrupted 2 week break. Take a break yourselves too for all we care. You most probably need it too!

So anyway, here I was stuck for the entire Sunday afternoon, trying to come up with something decent to hand in on tuesday! By dinner time, I had it all nice and tight except for one problem: it was WAAAAAY too long!

So I spent the rest of the night trying to mercilessly cut and chop my assignment into bits! And well, I did get it to less than 1000 words. (Amazingly!) Subsequently, I found out that I was allowed up to 1,100 words!! Argh...

So, last night, after teaching a tiring Childrens' Institute, I spent the rest of the night, up till 11:30pm (!!) proof-reading my work, trying to get it ready for this morning.

It so happens however, that I had totally forgot about the CI when I arranged the court 'watching' group today! humph... Had to catch the 9am bus at uni, so I had to meet as a group by 8:45am. However, not being at the uni for 2 weeks meant a whole pile of errands to run, so I had to be at the uni lastest by 8am! That meant that after sleeping at 12am, I had to get UP at 7am!

Ok, ok... this is probably normal for umm... doctors? But lemme tell you, it's plain impossible for me! I'm dragging myself out of bed to go traipsing around the city?! Ahem...

Anyway, I acheived the impossible, and got up, had my devotions in 5 minutes, skipped Breakfast (like a naughty girl) and rushed off to uni, posted my LAW150 assignment, returned due books, and inquired for a notetaker's position. (Not to mention the least of which was waiting for SOME people to appear at the meeting place!) Oh yes... I forgot. I had to check the Transperth Bus Route too. :D hehe... My VERY first time taking a bus in Australia without a family member... yes, you heard me right. It truly was my first.

And I didn't get lost! Well, for the most part, that is. :P And that was partly due to a very, very intelligent-in-bus-matters-friend. ;)

Everything in the city was ok, except that by the direction of a ahem... (shall we just say, certain person?) in our group, we ended up in the Supreme Court of WA instead of the District Court like I first intended and planned to visit!! He -ooops... this certain person- was so sure it was right too.

We ended up watching a proceeding about some armed robbery. A car driver stole a wallet from a guy at a Caltex Station in Perth, and scratched him on the left forearm with a knife at the same time too. Ohhh- for goodness sake. What a petty quarrel! I mean, there was only $250.00 in that wallet (maybe a keycard too, but you can block the card!) And to think this guy is willing to expend even more money on a thief by bringing him to court?! Think of the THOUSANDS of dollars spents! *rolls eyes*

The only other 'wrong' thing about the court was that the Judge's Associate had short cropped, purple hair!!! I kid you not.

Yes, so I treated myself with a 40 cents soft serve cone from HJs in the city. (Side-issue) :D

Got home, showered, and then zoom, straight off to Church Office. The IBLP team offered to drive me to Kent Street High School so that it saves my family time and petrol. How kind. :)

Well yes. Pretty much stayed there for the rest of the night too. Actually, come to think of it, we might as well have camped there: except that it was freezing. :D

So here I am, at 10 past 12 in the morning, recounting a day's (several days, to be more precise) scramble.

Good morning.

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