Friday, 27 April 2007


Typical reaction of a parent/ teacher/ sister for a child/ student/ brother in a music exam:

1. "Oh don't worry. You'll be fine."
2. "You can do it! Remember to smile and look confident! Just do your best!"
3. "Oh! The lady's here now."
4. Pray
5. Heart palpitations
6. Why so long? Is something wrong? Oh dear...
7. Double the palpitation rate
8. Panic
9. She's back!
10. "How was everything, darling? I'm sure you'll be okay."

I think the parents and teachers and siblings of the examination candidate go through more anxiety and nervousness than the student does in the case of an exam or eisteddfod. I have often found my hands sweating when my brother is the one going for the exam/ competition!!

My Students' exams are over. RELAX..... breath out.

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