Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Life in university

Ok. This is the most mundane topic I can ever think of right?

Right. :P (Did you expect me to say otherwise?) ;)

But since so many people are actually INTERESTED in how I am doing and how I am finding uni, I guess I'll post it here. :)So shall I start with my schedule?

Yes? Righto...

Monday: full day
Tuesday: full day
Wednesday: not full day (but usually so because I op for it)
Thursday: not full day (same as the above)
Friday: day off
Saturday: Too busy to think of uni!
Sunday: Same as the above

Now that's settled.

Um... about what I actually do? Let's see...

List of things I do in the uni:
1. Fall asleep in class
2. Attend lectures
2. Attend tutorials
3. Talk to people
4 whisper during sessions
5. Eat lunch by myself
6. Read books
7. Check my email
8. Check the discussion board
9. Post impertinent replies
10. Walk

How's that? Changed your mind about attending uni now? :D Wow... I have actually persuaded some of you! ;)


1. Rehana
2. Alanna
3. Amanda
4. Marsha
5. Caroline
6. Flora
7. Susana
8. Lem
9. Deng
10. Mark
11. Annsley
12. Jasmine
13. Many others now...

haha... I know more people, but I don't know their names, so... (I hope you guys don't mind me posting your names, or missing out your names, because I don't remember all your names or don't know how to spell it! I didn't give any surnames anyway.)

1. Neil Mcleod (for Research and Writing, a compulsory Law unit)I really like his teaching. no whispering, no mobiles ringing, interaction and fun!
2. Lubica Ucnik (for critical and creative thinking- she is another interesting personality!)
3. Graham Wilcox (for evolution and revolution, one of the foundation units that every law student has to take)
4. Mary Anne Kenny (the actual LAW unit!!! Australian Legal System. She has a gentle personality)

1. Sam Luttrell (quite interesting)
2. Anita Williams (love her laugh!)
3. Chris Woo (he's crazy, or very nearly!)
4. Don't know her name yet... (very quiet)

Unique events:
1. Attending a bio-chemistry class by mistake!!!
2. Wandering around the whole law library looking for WA reports, and eventually found it where I first started looking!
3. Walking past a person I don't know and answering a question she asked someone else! (Huh... you should have seen her reaction. Took her a full 5 seconds to realize i was speaking to her, and when she did, her expression... (!!)

What I look forward to the most:
1. Dinner at home!
2. Using the computer (except they limit you to what you can do)
3. Browsing the library and borrowing all the books I like!

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  1. heyhey, me again.. i really should email you... sorry... but, haha, have been quite hectic with studies and work ... should call you someday... i will. haha , luvya lisa


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