Saturday, 29 January 2011

Petra - Day 2

Some of the pictures this time are stills taken from my video-camera. But you can probably tell the difference between the quality of those shots and the others taken by Zhu Ping with his SLR.

One word that sums up Petra is: Majestic.

It was such a wonder walking through the entire range and being this tiny little figure beside the towering structures - and to think that they were all natural! The rocks also varied in colour - some of them had gorgeous streaks of red, orange and yellow on the rock surface caused by erosion. Even more amazing though are some of the man-made structures - these are completely carved out of the rocks!!

Bread from our Breakfast that was left on the windowstill to cool down before being served to us on a buffet! The Petra dust must have made it especially yummy though.

Gift Shop at Entrace to the Petra Gorge

Clothes on sale - its amazing how touristy that area is!

Petra Gorges

Ancient Edomite writing on the Rocky mountains of Petra. A lot of these places used to be inhabited by Bedouins who subsequently moved out by order of the Government because of a fire.

Ancient Egyptian influenced style palace in Petra

Family riding on the camels - reminds me of the 3 wise men seeking out the Messiah!

One of the horse guides - we were given an option to ride a horse or a horse carriage instead of walking through the Petra Gorge if we queued up and paid money!

Ancient Egyptian styled palace at Petra

Just a cool random picture that I had to throw in :)

I call this the fishphalant because it is both a fish and an elephant depending on the angle you look at it!  I wonder if it's natural or if it is semi man-made. It's a fish if you look at it from the side. But from this angle you can see the elephant's trunk. Pretty neat, huh!

Treasury of Petra. A pot right at the top of this gigantic treasury is fabled to contain gold/riches beyond imagination.

Perspective. Yes we really are that tiny compared to the majestic Petra rocks that form the Gorge!

I love this one - it's supposed to be a fertility god - look at how it is depicted - the shape of a round belly!

Giant's URINAL! Imaging that. How huge must their splash be. >.<

One of the old Bedouin caves that finally got evacuated due to fire.

                                                           Guards at Petra


Panorama of the ancient amphitheatre at Petra - wonder what they used it for? Surely they didn't have the Olympics then?

Panorama of Petra

Panorama of Petra

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