Tuesday, 10 March 2009

What if it's the end times?

Save. That's what my Dad told us as a family at the dinner table today, over a dinner of pizza. hmmmm :)

"Recession is coming." The unemployment rate is currently as bad as 1992 (although I have no idea what happened in 1992). Well, except for my brother's birth, but other than that!

It could get worse, lots worse. And the scary thing is I don't know what is going to happen, how bad it's going to get or whether we'll still have food to eat!

None of us knows the future. And it's scary. Scary that one day we might wake up and find that the whole system of electronic money just vanished into thin air overnight. And now that I think about it, isn't that what the Bible foretold anyway? Before the second coming of Jesus Christ, the economic system of our world is going to crash so badly that what was once a properous, highly profitable country would just turn pear-shaped overnight. So much so that merchants with investments and money in it will all mourn and wail. That will probably be the most unforeseeable economic crash in the entire of history.

And what if it happens tonight?

What if tomorrow I wake up and we're all beggars?

What if tomorrow no food was to be had because the farmers decide to store the food for themselves?

What if I am totally starving, and here comes someone - someone who offers to allow me to buy food if only I renounce my faith in Christ and put a mark on my forehead or right hand which will enable me to buy and sell food?

What if my faith is not strong enough and I give in?

I would enjoy the things this world had to offer, live under someone who offered 'peace' (but who really is the Anti-Christ) and still die someday. And that day, I would face my Maker and would-be Saviour. Except that I had renounced his salvation so that I would be damned to hell forever.

God forbid. What if I stop the what if-fin and start working on strengthening my faith in God so that when it happens (and it will since it's all been foretold, and the Bible has yet to miss a prophecy) I will be ready for it. What if I perish? Then I perish on earth and pass on to heavenly glory. God forbid that I should give Him up because of ANYTHING.

What if the world crashes tonight and I starve?

What if even though someone offers me food if I would renounce Christ?

What if I don't renounce Christ?

What if he puts me to death? Or I at least lets me painfully starve to death?

Well then. Heaven!

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