Wednesday, 12 December 2007

New Government

Hi everyone!

Since I last posted, Australia officially has a new government! Three cheers for the new Labor government headed by Kevin Rudd!

I do not necessarily support everything they support. In fact, I was hoping the Liberal party would win the election. But God has placed the Labor party in power at such a time as this, and He did so with a reason.

It makes me really grieved and mad to see so many Australians tearing our government apart by their words. I mean- hey- ruling Australia isn't exactly the easiest job around. Quite the opposite in fact. Just because the government makes mistakes doesn't mean we all should come like a ton of bricks on them. After all, it isn't as if they wanted to make the mistakes and let the Aussies 'rail' at them.

I really pray that God will guide and lead our government, that Rudd will be a God-fearing and upright leader for Australia.

God bless Australia!

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