Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Is it real?

I can't believe I'm going tonight! I'm actually travelling by MYSELF, through the night, to visit my cousins for a day or two, and then join a tour with who knows who!!

I'm nervous, I'll admit
Fidgety like a horse without a bit
I seem to keep going into rhyme
I can't help it, not a bit!

Maybe cos' I'm excited
Maybe cos I'm scared
Maybe cos I'm a gadabout
But mostly it's cos I'm glad.

Sigh... gotta go clean my room before I leave. I hate to come back to a dirty and dusty room. ;) Then I gotta shower, dress and pack my hairbrush, toothbrush, etc.

And then I'm off to the airport.

What a horrid post this is. It's aimless. Nevermind. When I'm back, I'll regale you with lots more interesting posts. I promise. XD With pictures to boot. ;)


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