Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Time to celebrate

I made it safe and sound through the very 1st semester of University! That's cause enough for celebration. :D

Yesterday, after my last exam, I got permission to go Garden City with 2 of my uni friends! hehe we had lunch there, and went shopping for souvenirs for one of them to bring back to Singapore... I had such a great time wandering around the mall aimlessly. lol. It was good to relax again. :D We found this pair of cute pig slippers in Granny May, my friend got that for his sisters. It was so cute. Then we visited Darrell Lea and bought some chocolate.

I was looking at the display window from INSIDE the shop, and the chocolates looked so real and so yummy at first glance, so I said aloud, "Are they real?" It was directed at my friend beside me, but the lady at the counter overheard and said yeah, but their old. lol. It was said a split second after my friend pointed out the layer of dust covering the chocolates. haha... A thief will think twice about stealing anymore display chocolates after he/she ate the first!

I'm gonna go on a book reading spree... I love them. book after book after book till I get groggy. :D I love it. That's how I'm going to celebrate: a pile of books, and a box of chocolates. :D (Otherwise a 1 kg jar of Nutella and a spoon will do.) lol.

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