Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Wider Contemplation

Yuck. When I first saw these pictures, they gave me the horror feeling. How can this sort of thing happen? But it had to be true, and it made me think, wonder and pray for those less fortunate than I. I've been really selfish, concerned only with myself, whether MY brothers behave, how MY results come out, pray for blessings for MYSELF and MY family, so that in the end, I will be blessed. It's too close a way of thinking, these pictures, well, forces me to thinking of someone else for once.

All the little things that I have, I've taken it for granted. Food, water, clothing. These kids have none! They are forced to starve, forced to thirst, forced to die even. They do not want to! Who does? ah yes- the suicidal people. Perhaps they will think of these people too when they are on the verge of death. Taking away God given life without permission (whether theirs or someone else's) is a sin. It still falls under murder, I believe. How can these people contemplate throwing away their lives, when these people don't even have a chance to decide for themselves? Are we all so ungrateful?

It's such a pity... that sin entered our world in the first place... followed by disease, strife, famines and pestilences.... *sigh*


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